Hello there!

Welcome to Go-Gizmo! We're an indie studio that's laser-focused on creating unique, high-quality, and fun experiences, that will have waves of nostalgia sweeping over you and carry you away to your favorite gaming memories. Our love for gaming fuels our drive and it's our goal to create games that will fuel your love for it as well in turn.

Eat: a tale of consumption

Our upcoming title "Eat" is a fusion between 2D plaforming and virtual pets. Your pet is also the main character. You'll get to experiance what it's like living in a pre-apocalyptic world where your pet holds the key to turning things arround, or speed up the end world as it's know.

Our Services

Game Development

We specialize in the development retro style and voxel style games. Our number one priority is to create games that are fun above all else.


We support our fellow startups along with anyone else who has a unique idea to share with the world. Which is why we offer free hosting plans to anyone who wants to create their own website and share it with the world! Even if we're competing, we'll still be cheering for you!